Where would you turn
if your past turned on you?

   "It was then that she heard the whistling.
Softly at first, then growing stronger and louder.
It scared her, but did not surprise her.
After all, she had been waiting for him all along..."

In the suburbs of Chicago, Psychologist Dena Davis has devoted her life to helping others deal with the aftermath of violent crimes. A victim herself, she has led a quiet life ever since her husband was killed in a plane crash several years ago. But when an attempted murder disrupts the tranquil life she had pieced together for herself, Dena hires Private Investigator Nick O' Neal to hunt down the would-be killer.

In their search for the truth Dena and Nick unravel a twisted and evil connection to her past. As the horrors begin to unveil, Dena realizes she has no one left to trust.